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Match Reports & Videos: 2011

RESULT 17–25

April 22, 2011, 7:30pm @ Amesbury Sports Park, 12 S Hunt Rd, Amesbury, MA 01973

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Referee's Official Match Report

No report on record.

Our Match Report

Celtics 113 - Knicks 96 Red Sox 4 - Angels 3 Charles River 25 - Reds 17

Despite little success in the set pieces the Reds played hard and actually led 17-15 at the half. Tough match against a more experienced side, markedly irregular refereeing from a guy who is normally much better including a phantom red card, but, not to toot the horn at the wrong time, consistent flashes of what we will become with a lot of dedication and hard work between now and when we become it.

The Blues, against an experienced side with a number of Charles Rover current or former A players, played their asses off - the opposing scores were on breaks but in the general field of play the Blues held their own well. Try by Jake, great running by Moran and a 40 meter wing burst out of CK…