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Match Reports & Videos: 2011

RESULT 100–15

June 4, 2011, 1:00pm @ GEAA Field, 663 Summer St, Lynn, MA 01905

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Referee's Official Match Report

No report on record.

Our Match Report

Beautiful day and a good time. We were the stronger side but we kept it under control and Framingham were stout and gave us three good halves.

Although a match like this can get players into fantasy land/try line fever mode, it was fun to see how the work we have been doing, including sevens, has made us collectively more conscious about support and ball movement--there were some very nice sequences yesterday. We still do tend to hold onto the ball too long when running in space but it's all coming along, coming along.

The ref had the match 51-0 after the first full match but I think he stopped keeping score because I can remember at least 12 tries-Jonas 2, Max 2, Spider 2, Will (1 or 2), Rob, O'C, O'D, Sean (on a great goal-line pass from Frank), Zac, etc, feel free to chime in, so I had the score somewhere in the 70s. Framingham came back in the 3rd half and scored a couple which was fair play to them.

Ox, Travis and Matt Latter got some good rugby time in playing for the Exiles, thanks boys.

Darryl retired.


Man o 'the Match O'C.

Des and Sir Keith showed up with a bunch of Smithwick's which was great.

UPDATE: Nico, Sean, Spider and Phil figure there were over 100 points scored during the first two halves, after calculating all tries and made conversions.