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Match Reports & Videos: 2012

RESULT 19–48

March 17, 2012, 12:30pm @ Medford High School, 489 Winthrop St, Medford, MA 02155

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Referee's Official Match Report

This was a pre-season friendly between the DI BIW and DII North Shore, who agreed to three 30 minute periods and open substitutions so as to work through lots of different combinations for their upcoming league games. NS had an impressive number of players, and a few who were playing their first match of rugby ever. BIW had the clear advantage of experience and was able to move the ball well with good support runners, but NS also put together some nice phases of running rugby.

NS won the first and last 30's (0 - 7 and 12 - 14) and BIW dominated the middle 30 (36 - 0). The first 30 was the most organized and hardest fought, and would have ended in a tie but for the BIW player grounding the ball past the dead ball line. When BIW was working well as a team they could score almost at will, and their scrum was clearly dominant. But NS played tough defense and their captain Zack had two brilliant individual tries in the last period.

This was a fun chance to get in a run, and was a great day for rugby. Thanks to Jesse and Zack for captaining their sides well.

Our Match Report

Trotted out three sides today, everyone got a lot of rugby in.

First 30 Reds 7 Hounds 0

Nico scores a long try right before the whistle. Reds right in defense making a shitload of tackles. I'm fairly certain Sunshine tackled each guy on their team at least twice. Set pieces looked good, some rust was knocked off and Mroz survived his first game back on a year.

Second 30 Blues 0 Hounds more than 0

Lots of new faces playing together after a wholesale change of our starting squad. Hounds first squad stayed in so this was a real learning experience for a lot of guys. Hounds successfully worked overloads to find space and put some points on the board. Still, a lot a tackles made (Raz looked pretty busy on the wing in defense) and David, the new French scrim half got a run in with the Blues and won the little duck.

Third 30 Reds 14 Hounds ?

I think the Hounds may have put up 14 as well. Two long distance tries by Cap'n Cookie - one on a brilliant intercept from the fly half position and later another that saw him bob and weave through all sorts of traffic, fake a couple guys out with dummy passes when there was no support...love that move. More fierce tackling in this one - JJ and Moonbear had a nose for the ball all day. Berry had his first crack at hooker and lived to tell about it. Some good lineouts mate!

Cookie waiting for Jonah's family to FedEx back Rucky from Morocco, so he figuratively wins the big duck.

Lots of new faces got their first taste of rugby today, great to see this club growing!

— Ian Nichols