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Match Reports & Videos: 2013

Charles River

RESULT North Shore 22–Charles River 7

March 30, 2013, 6:00pm @ 110 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Somerville, MA 02144

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Referee's Official Match Report

Great first of the season run out for both sides. There was some early season rust but also periods of flowing sustained rugby that made this match a pleasure to referee. Thanks to Rick and Brandon for captaining their sides and keeping the players playing rugby.

Referee: Josh Silveira

Via the New England Rugby Referees Society

Our Match Report

NSRFC 22 - Charles River 7

Spring has finally spring: mid-50's weather, very little wind, pleasing conditions for any rugby player.

After weeks of being stuck inside stinky gyms and indoor facilities, we get to some real rugby.

North Shore receives first kickoff and CR wisely takes advantage of the shortest front row in NERFU and opts for the short kickoff. Thankfully we fixed that later on.

Anyway, first few minutes were a lot of remembering how the game is played for both sides. Reds get into a bit of a groove on offense, quick ball all night with the debut of Zac 'Look where we are boys' Cook at the 9. Despite being the smaller side (per usual), the Reds ruck effectively and give the back line a lot of possession, which leads to an early try for Sunshine to get things rolling. Kick is not converted, NS up 5-0.

Some time later, a chain of pick and go calls and solid rucking nets us a PROP TRY, foreshadowing events for the evening. Mike Johnson picks and dives over the line for a try, kick may or may not have been converted (Rice's notes say no, but refs math would have to point to yes, but someone else can fill this in if I'm wrong), NS goes up 12-0.

NS continues to put up the pressure and takes advantage of a penalty (in a game where there were 1000 of them), the kick by Prez Cook is good for a 15-0 lead.

Sometime in the second half the Reds fall asleep, play some shit rugby with a number of penalties, and eventually a well timed deep kick and chase leads to a Charles River try. They convert and now it is a 15-7 game.

CR takes two cracks at penalty kicks, thanks to countless penalties (sensing a theme here?), but miss both.

Late in the second half Sean Mahoney, who looks reborn in the back line, scores a try, which is converted by Cookie for a 22-7 lead. Moments later CR is penalized, we get a free kick that finds touch and the Reds finish with a 22-7 win.

NSRFC Blues 5 - Charles River 10

The Blues, a mix of NS and Salem State players (on their third game of the day), took on what was basically CR's first side.

Despite the mix of players, the play was pretty cohesive and looked good. HB was back in action, showing off that brilliant boot of his. CR was limited to two unconverted tries. A number of shoving matches occurred during the middle part of the game and the time honored tradition of a prop having to pick up Mouth and carry him away from the fracas was witnessed.

The highlight of the entire day was the try for Devansh Patel. Jonah brought the ball down to the try line on a run and after a pile of bodies laid upon the pitch, Devansh was the one who touched it down. D, please feel free to elaborate more on this and add a few extra meters to the run each time you tell it. Kick not converted.

— Ian Nichols