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Match Reports & Videos: 2013


RESULT North Shore 10–Amoskeag 55

April 13, 2013, 1:00pm @ Northeast Athletic Club 326 Buck Street Pembroke, NH 03275

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Referee's Official Match Report

Reds Match

Very hard fought and physical match. Amoskeag had the better side, however North Shore won the battle in the scrums.

Referee: Josh Silveira

Via the New England Rugby Referees Society

Blues Match

Hard fought match. Most of N.Shore had already played in the first match whereas Amoskeag was fresh with a good mix if youth and experience. Amoskeag led u most of the match but N.Shore was able to pull it out in the end.

Referee: Josh Silveira

Via the New England Rugby Referees Society

Our Match Report

NSRFC 10 - Amoskeag 55

Pembroke, NH
Partly cloudy and breezy wide open pitch in NH

Despite the day before putting some snow down in NH, the pitch was cleared enough for play.

North Shore traveling extremely light in numbers with many players unavailable this weekend.

Amoskaeg starts off the action with quick ball, offloading and overloading their way down to an early try. Style of play reminiscent of Old Gold's midfield pod formation. The hosts were organized on offense, impressive for a spectator, not so much for an opponent.

Play was officiated as tightly as any game could possibly be officiated, can't say that all of it was justified. Glad the sir was keeping the game safe, but there was zero flow to the game with the incredible amount of penalties both sides had. More penalties means more set pieces, which allowed us chances to get back into the game, but be it poor rucking, bad handling, untimely kicking, or stupid penalties, we gave away a ton of ball.

I think we're all pretty down on this game, but it was a good reality check after our first two games. I could sit here and piss and moan about our play for 7 more paragraphs, but instead I'm going to list some positives from this game:

  • Good adjustments on defense, far more pressure coming up on defense as the game wore on.
  • Great pressure by Scuderi and Frye at flanker
  • Excellent passing and gains by the back line, Mahoney was a handful for their team
  • Cookie and Shats both playing multiple positions and playing them well
  • Set pieces helped us steal and retain more possession against a more experienced side

Reds Scoring Summary

Shats converts penalty at 10 minute mark

Try by Scuderi 30 minutes into the second half. Conversion good by Shats.

The Blue match started off being more of the same as Amoskaeg trotted out a full side of fresh legs, bigger pack, and more experience. Blues were comprised of a lot of players on double duty and a few Salem State boys.

Started off getting the worst of it in the set pieces and generally disorganized, worked out our kinks in the pack - many thanks to Tyler Ruddock and Mena Boya 'The Manchild' for digging in at the 4 and 5 and not giving up. By the end we began to wear them down and even drive back a few scrums.

The backline completely saved our asses - a tired, but stacked lineup helped us come from behind on loooooonnnnggg tries from Maximo Delacruz (two tries, including game winner, but he's duck ineligible) and Garret Santos, who deke'd a player inside the try zone to run closer to the posts for an easier conversion. This somehow warranted a verbal chastising from the sir that he should put the ball down as soon as he gets in the try zone. Santos didn't get that memo.

Blues Scoring Summary

Delacruz try

Santos try with major deek at goal line

Delacruz try

All three conversions good by Shatswell.

Big Duck - Chris 'The Leg' Shatswell

Little Duck - Bobby 'Flintstone Feet' Moran

— Ian Nichols