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Match Reports & Videos: 2014

New London

RESULT North Shore 12–New London 26

September 13, 2014, 1:00pm @ New London, CT

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Referee's Official Match Report

New London had a 20-7 halftime lead from two converted tries and two penalties to North Shore's one converted try. Apart from North Shore's big #12, New London were able to contain North Shore in most aspects of the game. New London's aggressive and highly skilled #6 led his forwards by example with his hard-nosed tackling, quick thinking at breakdowns, and full-out effort. In the second half, North Shore dotted another try, the effect of which was negated by New London's slotting two more penalty kicks. Penalty count, which was 6-5 in the first half, accelerated in the final quarter as fatigue tolled, especially for North Shore.

Referee: Mark Stepsis

Via the New England Rugby Referees Society

Our Match Report

Two solid clubs took walked onto a short and narrow field. Both clubs offered up a relentless onslaught of offence and put the defence to the test. The first Half was won by the home team, however the reds came out in the second half with classic up the middle smash ball rugby. Strong ball control and never ending pigs by the forwards and many clever miss directs and loops by the backs. Game line and open field tackles were excellent by all. 1st game 26-12 2nd game 15-7 Boat race was a tie Upshore!

Coach Rice