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Match Reports & Videos: 2015


RESULT North Shore 16–MIT 32

April 18, 2015, 1:00pm @ Cambridge, MA

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Referee's Official Match Report

Beautiful cool spring day on the Cambridge campus. A pretty evenly contested match. Some lack of discipline in the first half, but with some basic management the ship righted itself and some good running rugby was on display. MIT just found a few more open running lanes than North Shore. Good luck to them in the championship.

Referee: Tom Zanarini

Via the New England Rugby Referees Society

Our Match Report

The game started off with a heavy NS attack that saw hard forward and center crashes. NS spent the first 20 deep within MIT territory. Ferocious piggy ball set the tone for the rest of the game. MIT defence stood tall and were able to withstand the onslaught. Timely ball movement out to the wing lead MIT to a 5-0 score late in the second. NSRFC was caught with their pants down off a penalty and conceded another try 10-0. In the final minutes NSRFC was able to drive relentlessly down to MITs 5m line where they took a penalty that Sully converted for 10-3 score at half.

Once again NSRFC came out with no relent driving down deep into MIT territory. MITs defence was able to withstand the onslaught and a strong counter out to the wing lead to a 15-3 score. NSRFC returned the favour converting two penalty kicks deep in MIT territory 15-9.

MIT showed no quit and continued to press on despite stout defence from the entire 15. A quick counter to the weak side lead MIT to a 20-9 score midway through the 2nd.

NSRFC pressed on though. A timely offload by Mahoney sprung Jebb down the gut of the defence. Sully converted to pull NS within 4 points with 20 to go.

The next 10 minutes produced some of the best rugby of the season for either side. Back and forth play from both teams eventually lead MIT to catch NS in an overload to the weak side that lead to 5 more points to the home.

MIT was able to covert one more time in the final 10 minutes to lead to a final score of NSRFC 16 - MIT 32


Up Shore!