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Match Reports & Videos: 2015

South Shore

RESULT North Shore 10–South Shore 50

May 16, 2015, 11:30am @ GEAA Field, 663 Summer St, Lynn, MA 01905

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Referee's Official Match Report

No report on record.

Our Match Report

First off, let me start by thanking everyone involved on Saturday. Thank you to everyone who took up the unenviable task of attempting to set up the posts, line the field, and everything else that goes into getting the field ready on game day. Thank you to all the Old Boys who took a Saturday away from their real families to come down and be with their second family. Thank you to those volunteered their grills, tables, tents and chairs on Saturday.

The day started out rocky with the entire 15 attempting to line and set up the posts 2 hours before gametime. This proved to be the toughest task of the day for the boys in red. NS hit some roadblocks along the way, whether it was digging up half the softball infield trying to find the post anchors or butchering the lining of the field, but in the end NS banded together to get everything done and the game only kicked off a 1/2 hour late.

First game of the day was the Old Boys match. NS had some legends returning to the field for this match and judging by the tenacity and aggressiveness of which they played, it may be another few years before they are able to return to the field.

Thank you to Bobby Moran, HB, Swanny, Gus, R2, and Chad (Sorry if I forgot someone!) for representing the glorious past of NSRFC. Final score NS 24 - SS 22.Second match of the day would be played for the Ships Wheel. SS got out to a quick start putting up the first points. NS held their ground though and was able to battle back towards the end of the half. A penalty converted by Sullivan and a try by Potstash from 15 out to end the half, had NS within 12 at halftime 22-10.

NS felt rejuvenated to start the second half, but as it is in this game, sometimes ball doesn't bounce your way. SS was able to capitalize off these bounces and miscues and punch in a few try's early in the second half. SS made some wholesale substitutions halfway through the second to keep the momentum rolling for the away team. NS starting 15, unaided by subs, continued though to pound away at SS, but SS proved to be a worthy adversary that day. Final score 50-10 SS.

Third game of the day was a mixture of A side, Old Boys and SSU players vs SS B side. Final Score 20-7 SS.

Men of the match went to Ox for his continued hard play in the A side, R2 for his passionate play in two games and Chad for playing about 200 minutes of rugby on Saturday.