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Match Reports & Videos: 2015

Boston Maccabi

RESULT North Shore 0–Boston Maccabi 32

September 19, 2015, 1:30pm @ Cold Spring Park, Newton. MA 02461

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Referee's Official Match Report

No report on record.

Our Match Report

The Reds took the pitch last Saturday against a big in-conference threat at the Boston Maccabi. Despite North Shore controlling possession and territory for the first 15 minutes of the match, the Maccabees took the opportunity to convert a penalty to go up 3-0, this would prove to be a common theme throughout the day. Maccabees willingness to take shots at goal at pretty much any penalty committed by North Shore in their own half was only fueled by North Shore's willingness to concede numerous penalties in their own half. Penalties at the breakdown were the crux of the problem for NS, and even though many of them were questionable, the ref was consistently strict all day. Regardless of the success rate of the Maccabees kicker, the shots at goal left the Red's offense without momentum and impotent. Another penalty conversion and two converted tries later, including a heartbreaking one in the 40th minute, left the score 20-0 at half.

The second half proved to be more of the same story. The Maccabees didn't exactly have a dominating presence but North Shore's inability to make any significant plays on offense or defense hindered their ability to get into the game, and only lead to internal frustration. The set pieces although not bad, were mostly 50/50 and not enough to jump start ,the team. By the end of the half, the Maccabees were able to cross the line two more times, one of them converted, leaving a score of 32-0 at full time.

The lopsided score at 1000 ft. was not an accurate depiction of how the game played out. A lot of the Reds players left the pitch on Saturday feeling as though a rematch verse the Maccabees later in the season has the potential for a much more favorable result, but a lot of work still needs to be done. A notable boost in confidence was the return of Tommy Macrae on the wing back from injury, Ian Nichols also made a return to the pitch coming on in roughly the 60th minute to make his debut as hooker. CJ Palmer was Man of the Match, displaying his unwavering consistency on defense.

The B side game showed some great flashes of skill, especially Sunshine who executed a well placed chip and chase for one of his two tries. Devansh was crowned B side Man of the Match, who laced out probably the most impressive prop kick I have ever seen, and was nimble on his feet all over the field.

Tim Wilkinson