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Match Reports & Videos: 2015


RESULT North Shore 15–Freedom 47

October 10, 2015, 1:00pm @ 33 Hobbs Road, North Hampton, NH

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Referee's Official Match Report

No report on record.

Our Match Report

North Shore was treated to another fantastic weather day to take on Freedom Rugby. The game got off to late start, as a replacement ref was called in to take over for the original ref who could not make the game. NS handled the delay and kickoff started a mere 15 minutes after 1.

NS came out with great poise and determination to start the game and where able to draw a penalty deep in Freedom territory which Sully converted to give NS an early 3-0 lead. NS continued the pressure with good piggy crashes and center crashes and drew another penalty in Freedom half that Sully just pushed wide left. Freedom regrouped midway through the first and was able to catch a overload in the backline and put in the first score of the game. 7-3 Freedom. The rest of the half saw good back and forth play, but Freedom had good execution in the back line with loops and switches coupled with bad tackling by NS led Freedom to pot 2 more tries before the half. 21-3 Freedom at the half.

NS regrouped at halftime and got back to basic rugby. CJ put in the first try for NS to start the 2nd half with a good run from joining the back line. Freedom was able to counter though and more bad tackling put them back on the board 28-10 Freedom.

NS continued to put pressure on Freedom, but Freedom stood up to the test and was able to push in 2 more tries deep in NS territory 42-10.

NS pressed on though and was able to spring Kevin "handsie" Hanlon at wing down the sideline to put NS back on the board to get some confidence rolling. 42-15 NS midway through the 2nd. From here the game started to get a bit chippy, but nothing that either team hadn't been through in a rugby match. Freedom began to feel NS bearing down on them now.

Freedom in the final 10 was able to punch in a try off a 5 meter line out. Behind the play off the score was a skirmish that both sides where involved in, again nothing out of the ordinary, but the replacement ref pulled both captains aside for a chat. With 10 mins left in the game Freedom was up 47-15 and the replacement ref decided the game could not continue due to the chippyness from both sides. It was an unfortunate ending to hard fought game, but ultimately the decision to end the game with 10 minutes to go was taken out of both teams hands. I think both teams and spectators would agree that the call to end the game was very premature but was ultimately at the replacement refs discretion.

NS had some good play in the 2nd half to build on for next week vs Charles River.

Duck to Sully, as chosen by Freedom.
Belt to CJ as chosen by NS.

Up Shore!