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Match Reports & Videos: 2016

New London

RESULT North Shore 12–New London 76

September 10, 2016, 1:00pm @ Clark Lane Middle School, 105 Clark Lane, Waterford, CT

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Referee's Official Match Report

It was a hot afternoon in Waterford CT. North Shore had traveled down from Northern Massachusetts all the way to Southern Connecticut. There was a nice and friendly atmosphere between the teams. The match took of fast, with New London's nr. 8 making a quick breakthrough for an early try. New London's Nr. 8 and fly half kept making breakthroughs, many of which would lead to tries. Through assistance by their backline and hard work by the forwards they were able to dominate the scores. However, North Shore was often able to compete well and put up a much better game than the final score would suggest. A very fine match with very little scrappy play that was a joy to ref.

Referee: Bram van Buuren

Via the New England Rugby Referees Society

Our Match Report

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