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Match Reports & Videos: 2016


RESULT North Shore 19–Saratoga 39

October 15, 2016, 1:00pm @ Saratoga, NY

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Referee's Official Match Report

A crisp, dry day and a firm, dry pitch played host to a fast paced game.

Two early penalties from the visitors gave them a deserved lead, only to be pegged back by a converted try from Saratoga which was against the run of play. Two further penalties from the home side gave them a 13-6 lead at the break, North Shore arguably undeserving of being behind by such a margin. North Shore did cross the white wash, but I overruled the North Shore linesman and called the player in touch in the act of scoring. North shore also twice in two consecutive rucks tried to score on the 5m line, causing a little confusion.

The second half was more productive for Saratoga, their faster backline starting to get the better of the big North Shore centres as they began to tire. The game also began to get chippy, with some borderline late tackles. Both captains spoke to me multiple times in the second half, for what they believed to be egregious errors on my part; for my piece, I just tried to keep the game flowing.

North Shore score an ugly, knuckleball of a penalty kick; the kicker turned away in disgust only for the ball to inexplicably change direction mid-flight, on a windless day, and sneak in between the upright and over the bar.

Saratoga's final try was a little contentious, the visitors believing the scorer crossed into touch before scoring. I was not in a position to be sure the player went into touch, the Saratoga touch judge stating the scorer did not. I awarded the try, and explained to the North Shore captain the reason for awarding the try. After the try was scored, a North Shore player was heard to say something detrimental toward myself, and earned himself a yellow card. The match finished on a bit of a lull.

Referee: Pete Annely

Via the New England Rugby Referees Society

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